Frequently Asked Questions


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Which monitors are compatible?

Five so far: GE Carescape™, Philips Intellivue™ MP/MX series, Drager Delta Infinity™, Spacelabs (PDL), and Datex-Ohmeda CardioCap 5™.

Which vital signs?.

Heart rate, oxygen saturation, and non-invasive blood pressure. Invasive blood pressure is an option for GE Carescape™, Philips Intellivue™ and Drager Delta Infinity™. The user can select as many or as few as desired (e.g. mean blood pressure alone during cardiopulmonary bypass).

What about false triggers?

The user can customize zones as well as set delay intervals to minimize nuisance triggers such as an oximetry probe falling off a finger or a surgeon leaning on a blood pressure cuff. A heart rate fallback to oximetry prevents triggers from electrocautery.

What if there's no patient in the room?

CanaryBox™ can be put into a music-playing standby mode for room turnovers.

Is CanaryBox™ FDA compliant?

Yes, given its intended use to simplify and automate the control of music volume in the operating room. CanaryBox™ falls within Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations 880.6310. It does not control or alter the functions or parameters of any connected medical device, nor does it manage or broadcast alarms.

How does it play music?

CanaryBox™ accepts a standard 3.5mm audio input so any ipod, ipad, iphone, or computer can serve as a music source. It has a standard 3.5mm audio output jack to interface with the room's existing sound system.

What if our music system is across the room from the anesthesia monitor?

A longer audio cable is sometimes necessary to reach the amplifier. Shielded 35-50ft cables are available that preserve sound quality and can be routed to fit the room. Alternatively, wireless connections can be accomplished via a Bluetooth™ transmitter and receiver.