The steps to connect CanaryBox™ to your anesthesia monitor vary by manufacturer:

1) Datex Ohmeda Cardiocap5™:  all you need is a F/F null-modem 9 pin serial cable to connect to the USB/serial adapter.

2) GE Carescape™:  a full handshaking F/F null modem cable and 2 USB/serial connectors are required.

3) Philips MP/MX series: a custom RJ45/DB9 adapter and network cable are required.  The connection is made to a standard MIB/RS232 port that looks like this (below).  This card may be single (e.g. MX800), or double (e.g. MP70).  [On the MX800, you must use the left sided ports that say "MIB/RS232".  The Intellivue™ protocol can support up to two data out ports (EMR plus one more).  If you need an interface card, they can be ordered through Partsfinder (dual MIB/RS232 part M8081-67501 (e.g. MP70), single MIB/RS232 Part 453564204361 (e.g. MX800)).

To configure the port: access the service mode of the monitor (requires BioMed code) the Main Setup->Hardware->interfaces.  Select port and change to DtOut1 or DtOut2.  Then enter Config mode and Main Setup->Hardware-> change baudrate to 115200.  Return to monitor mode.  On the port a green light should appear next to symbol of the arrow exiting the circle.  [note: don't try to use the LAN port].

4) Drager Infinity™: depending on your setup you will need either 1) an X3 port export protocol cable (partsfinder #5206441); 2) an X3 Y cable that allows Scio (gas input) and export (MS13749); or 3) an X8 scio cable (#6871581) to free up port X3.

5) Spacelabs: you need a M/F null modem 9 pin serial cable to connect to the female serial jack on the monitor (labeled with bidirectional arrows).  The Patient Data Logger (PDL) option is required and may be restricted to certain models (Ultraview™ 1030 (90367), 1050 (90363), 1600 (90364), 1700 (90387), UCW (90385), Ultraview™ SL2200 (91367), SL2400 (91369), SL 2600 (91370), SL 2700/2800/2900/3800/3900 (91387) monitors, qube™ (91390) and Xprezzon™ (91393) monitors.  [If you don't have the PDL option it can be added by contacting your monitor representative].