Do your operating rooms play music?

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 If the patient is having problems, does the music get turned off? 

Shouldn't that happen automatically???


What do we do, and why?

The mission of Canary Sound Design is to add intelligence to surgical suite music systems.  Music is relaxing at times, but at other times may interfere with thinking, hearing and communicating clearly.  Designed for the operating room, CanaryBox™ automatically quiets or silences music at clinically appropriate times.

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How does it work?

CanaryBox™ integrates music with data from the anesthesia monitor for semi-automated volume control.  Flexible algorithms offer advanced control of the acoustic environment in the operating room, enhancing workflow and communication.

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How do I get it?

Schedule a free consultation and we can assess the best way to initiate a free 90 day trial of CanaryBox™ in your facility.

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Intraoperative noise pollution

Operating room noise, distraction, and alarm fatigue are top concerns of the societies of perioperative nurses (AORN), surgeons (ACS), and anesthesiologists (ASA).   Noise levels exceed 100dB 40% of the time during orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures.  "Music is a frequent contributor to operating room noise." - Katz, Noise in the Operating Room.  Anesthesiology.  October 2014. 121(4) 894-9.


We help relieve the stress of unnecessary noise during intraoperative events, when speaking and hearing clearly are of paramount importance.

-see Weldon et al.  Music and communication in the operating theatre.  (2015) J Advanced Nursing. 7(12): 2763-2774.

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What people are saying

"Your Canary works great.  I had an obese patient prone, sats went shut off just like it's supposed to." [5/25/17].