In 2016, a three month IRB-approved study included feedback from 21 anesthesiologists.

Sample of responses


"Patient's O2 sat dropped below level set by anesthesia (80%) and music completely shut off!"


  "Positively identified vital signs outside of range, and abolished the radio.  I like the ability to mute and suspend."


"Silenced music when SpO2 was disconnected while rotating bed - was convenient.  Easy to mute for phone calls."


"Intuitive interface."

"Works well, reliable."


"Yes, I would use it again.  It is a quick way to let the entire OR team know of a change in the patient's status."


"Reducing distraction and cueing everyone in the OR that there may be an issue with the patient is of vital importance."

"Great tool for all the dynamics in an operating room."



"It was helpful when there was a clinical issue to address."

"I would use it again, yes.  It's important for anesthesiologist to have some control over ambient noise so monitors can be heard."


"Allows for simpler less distracting noise in the OR."

"We have music regularly and it's important to silence at difficult times during the case."



"Great concept."