Does your operating room play music?

If the patient is having problems, does the music get turned off?

Shouldn't that happen automatically???



"Music...has become a universal phenomenon in the operating room." (Padmakumar et al, 2016)

"In the operations we observed, dance music and drum and bass were often played fairly loudly, whilst patients were anesthetized." (Weldon)

"Sometimes it took awhile to reduce the volume on the sound system, for instance, when a nurse was trying to find the volume control on an anaesthetist's iPod.  Such delays in minimising noise and rapid changes in volume can become critical for safety, especially during emergencies when hearing and speaking clearly are paramount." (Weldon)

"It has been shown that music in the OR (operating room) interferes with the ability to appreciate heart tones and lung sounds during auscultation.  Also, interference with the sound of alarms can occur.  In one report, 62% of anesthesiologists liked music in the OR, 51% felt that music was a distraction when problems were encountered, and other common complaints were that music often reduced vigilance and impaired communication with OR personnel." (Strickland, p.11)

"Some workers have suggested the use of smart music systems." (Padmakumar)


Today's operating rooms reverberate constantly with noise from forced air warmers, suction, powered orthopedic equipment, clanging metal instruments, voices, and everpresent streaming music.  Acoustic fatigue from noise levels in excess of 80dB is common, however, little has been done to mitigate noise when the clinical situation demands a quieter environment.  This is the problem we address.  CanaryBox uses novel integrated algorithms to efficiently reduce unnecessary ambient noise, improving communication among the surgical team and enhancing workflow. 



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